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    Blue Skies Drone Rental

    At Blue Skies Drone Rental our business is to get the latest and most capable drones into your hands at a fair and reasonable price.  We will ship to you at home or while on travel for business or pleasure.  Our drones are fully equipped to handle recreational and professional needs. With the technology evolving so rapidly, drones become outdated within months. We want everyone to have the chance to rent the latest technology as an affordable alternative to purchasing. We own and maintain our own large and diverse fleet. We also provide purchase options of new and used drones, training, as well as aerial services. We can ship to any U.S. location and also have locations in various states across the country

    If you need a UAS product that you don’t see on our site, contact us and we will find something that will suit your needs!

    Our Services:

    • RENTALS:  Top of the line drone equipment rentals, all drone rentals are registered with the FAA


    • We are an authorized DJI dealer

    • FAA certified Part 107 drone pilots (UAS operators)

    • Aerial Services Provider:

      • Surveying, mapping, and 3D modeling

      • Industrial inspection of infrastructure (pipelines, industrial complex, powerlines, solar panels)

      • Data post processing, including orthomosaic maps, 3D point clouds, NDVI plant health monitoring, Digital Surface Models (DSM, terrain mapping), photogrammetry, volumetrics, etc

      • Education and training

      • Creative aerial photo/video

    • Equipment:  Thermal, IR, multi-spectral sensors, zoom cameras, high end cinematography cameras

    Flying drones can give the feel and thrill of flying for much less cash than the cost of renting manned aircraft! With first person view (FPV) it is awesome and feels just like flying!

    The use of drones for many good and useful purposes is on the horizon in the near future. We haven’t even begun to imagine all the useful things drones will do in the future. Join us now and help pave the way for the future!

    Flying a GPS control stabilized drone can be incredibly simple! It is perfect for beginners and aviation buffs alike!  Rent a drone today and find out how simple, fun, and useful it can be!

    About our Team

    We have team members with extensive experience in UAS piloting, integration, pro UAS builds, custom UAS sensors, Manned Aircraft, Petrochemicals, Chemical Engineering, Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Unmanned Systems, Business, Construction Management (residential & commercial), International Ventures, Nuclear Industry, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish, and Real Estate.  Our drone operators are FAA Part 107 certified.

    If you have a special need, let us know how we can help!